Best app to transform you into a small business owner

“I wish I’d spent more time at the office,” said no-one. Ever. On their deathbed. But if you’re not using expense management software for small business, you’re probably already spending too much time at the office… Just think about what that means for you, your family and your private life…

As a small business owner, you have to do lots of things that you never really signed up for. You’re the company IT specialist, its HR manager, its staff counselor, and probably its office cleaner too. Those bins won’t empty themselves.

All of those tasks are great consumers of time, which is the one thing you never seem to have enough of. You could probably spend all day doing those things and look back on a day when you didn’t have a moment to spare, but you’ve also achieved nothing at all. Your ‘to do’ list is longer than ever, and you’ve earned not a penny.

Stop right there. Stop doing the non-productive jobs. And although I can see you shaking your head, this really is a time for that other over-used phrase about working smarter, rather than harder.

The smart way to work is doing something that generates revenue; that follows the money. Get someone else to do those other jobs. Consider contracting them out to experts, for instance. So long as that route is costing you less than you’re earning, you’re ahead of the game.

To keep track of your expenses, invest a minuscule amount of money on expense management software such as ExpenseOnDemand. This is a tiny smartphone app that’s far more powerful than it looks. Think about how you might ask a bookkeeper to record a particular spend. With ExpenseOnDemand you can do it yourself in even less time. And ExpenseOnDemand doesn’t need to go on holiday, or visit the dentist, and it never gets stuck in traffic on the way to work. It’s there, at your side, all the time – even when you’re stuck in traffic yourself, so you can manage your expenses anywhere you happen to be without wasting a minute.

Photograph the receipt, allocate it to one particular area of your costs, and the job’s done, because all of the thinking and planning have been done beforehand by experts who’ve thought of everything and developers who’ve made it happen.

Business expense management software for small business has been developed by ExpenseOnDemand for more than a decade and a half, and is relied on by users in 98 countries worldwide. It distills the business of expense management into an intuitive and simple process that can be molded to fit your business.

You can calculate tax, collate spending, and then create and export records to standard accounting packages, or to Excel spreadsheets, if you should need to, or send them direct to your accountant.

Sounds expensive. How much will all this cost?
Much, much less than you might think. In fact, managing expenses this way could turn out to be a revenue generator, certainly saving you more than it costs to invest in because of the tighter financial control we can deliver.

For a start, you’ll pay per user per month. And then the multitude of features we offer can be picked and chosen like ripe cherries, using a simple dashboard in which you can turn them on or off at will. What’s more, you can set up your own bespoke categories to file things in, at no extra charge, and delete those folders when you’re done with them.

Using this system you’ll be charged only for what you use, because we don’t believe in tying you to a long-term contract, and the package you build will fit your business perfectly. And as your business grows, ExpenseOnDemand will grow with you all the way. Continuously keeping a tight rein on your expenses, and never losing a vital receipt (so long as you record it diligently). How could it work for you? The best way to understand the benefits is to try them yourself. Check out the web site here.