Why automating your conscience could save your life

Using a mobile phone has become more than a habit; it’s become an addiction. Combining it with driving a car can prove expensive, or even fatal. So what’s a tech junkie to do? Turn to technology, that’s what. It has the power to stop you overdosing, and that could save your life – so this is one app of the month well worth reading about.

People die because of it. Police forces fine people for it. TV advertising reminds us of its dangers. And yet, every day, people still do it. They take mobile phone calls, they read and reply to text and emails, and even surf the net.

They can’t bear to be without the dopamine rush their mobile delivers, even when they ought to be concentrating on something else. At least two people die in the UK every month in road accidents where mobile phone use was a factor.

In America, more than 90% of drivers admit to using their phone whilst driving, and it’s been calculated that a five-second glance at a phone screen is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field whilst wearing a blindfold.

Driving Detective
And that’s why ExpenseOnDemand has chosen Driving Detective as this month’s app of the month to be your automated conscience. You might ask why a supplier of a travel and expense management software app would want to stop people using it, but we’d say the answer’s obvious. Managing money is important to all of us, but not so important that it’s worth dying for. Check on the cash when you’re not in the car.

Can’t do that? You’re so stuck to your phone that you can’t put it down even at the wheel. You clearly need the help that Driving Detective can give. It’s a free app for use on Android that acts as an ‘automated conscience’. Once downloaded, you simply turn it on, and the software can tell when you’re in a moving vehicle, and it hangs up a metaphorical ‘do not disturb’ sign to stop the notifications that would normally drop onto your screen and delivers them all once you’ve stopped. What a perfect excuse to stop for a coffee!

Driving Detective is available for Android 4.1 and above. Users of older versions without a native DND implementation simply get the ringer silenced but we’d say that’s pretty effective too.

For iPhone users
iPhone users don’t need Driving Detective; iOS 11 introduced similar technology as a standard feature, even though a significant number of users still aren’t aware of it. You’ll find it in ‘settings’ under, obviously enough, ‘Do Not Disturb’, where there are options for how you use it.

For everyone
The need to leave your phone alone whilst driving ought to be simple enough, but for those who really can’t control their consciences by willpower alone, this kind of technology has to be a winner.

No text or phone call can ever be more important than getting home safely.