Automate or Perish !

Dishwasher sales are hitting new highs in India.  Why ?  Covid-19 has put the speed-breakers on the maid.  Hence, the mistress of the house is forced to hand-wash the dishes.  Imagine her nails and her make-up !

She screamed, “Arghhhh !” and then “let’s automate”.  In came the dishwasher the next day.

Now she loads the dishwasher.  Pours the soap.  Closes the door.  Presses the switch.  And presto !  In one hour, automatically, the dishes come out sparkling !

Beliefs, like the proverbial “sacred cow”, are being set aside.  Covid 19 is forcing us to change and acquire new ways for doing the same things.

Paper based submission of expenses is no different.  Businesses require employees to submit expenses through paper claims, with receipts attached.  Manual calculations, with overwriting in multiple places to amend errors is the order of the day.  Fraud, in many cases, is rampant because checking manual expenses is a nightmare.  And this is a bigger challenge when sales people claim mileage or conveyance.  Imagine someone in HR or Finance going to Google maps and checking the veracity of every journey !

This does not stop here.  There is the aggressive to and froing of phone calls between the claimant and multitude of people who have the “authority” to check and ostensibly challenge the expense.  These conversations are not conducive, because in many instances they end up in verbal alteration.  That apart, they are a waste of precious time, which also means money.

ExpenseOnDemand has a perfect solution for this.  Our £1 starter pack is there to alleviate such pains and stop the wasting of time, and the frequent alterations between Finance/HR and the claimant.

The starter pack provides the following benefits:
It costs £1 per person per month to automate the employee expense process.  It also offers the option for claimants to use Google Mapping service or GPS, at a miniscule price.  In turn the business sees a reduction of approximately 27% in the cost of the mileage claims.  A 100% reduction in altercations, including the use of four letter words !

This is possible because every journey has a map (as a receipt) attached to the mileage expense, validating the journey and the miles claimed.  The only debate, if any, is with the approver, about the reason for the journey, which in most cases is okay.

The two screens below show the process.  The claimant enters the “From” and “To” locations (Screen 1).  Clicks on calculate or “return journey”.  A map is automatically generated, which becomes a part of the mileage expense (Screen 2).  It is digital and cannot be tampered with.

Screen 1                                                    Screen 2

In a sense this is no different to what the Indian housewife did.  She automated the process of dishwashing.  Here the claimant enters the start and end points and the journey is automatically calculated, together with a map !  Or they can use the GPS, which will also plot the same journey.  The need to then check each journey by going to Google maps becomes irrelevant.

ExpenseOnDemand makes this process simple and easy.  It automates the process and perishes the angst!

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