Are you in the picture about the value of this money management app feature?

All of us can imagine how useful it would be to have total recall, even though few of us are blessed with it. But we can all turn that imagining into reality thanks to a piece of Solo Expenses technology aimed at helping you to manage money better. It’s a really simple idea – but the most ingenious one so often are, aren’t they?

A picture is worth 1,000 words, they say, but I don’t think that’s quite true. It has no value whatsoever until it’s seen and explained in context.

But how do you put it into context? A cleverly written caption (or maybe even a succinct blog, perhaps?) Or with an accountant.

Ah, that made you raise your eyebrows, didn’t it? What does an accountant have to do with explaining pictures? In truth, nothing, until you discover the clever lift to your life that a smartphone and the right app can provide.

OK, perhaps I’m talking in riddles, so let’s cut through that and get to the meat of the point I’m trying to make; to put you in the picture, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Doing the hard work for you
Being sharp in business involves being the best you can be in all sorts of areas, some of which you’re probably not naturally very good at, and which you certainly didn’t go into business to do. Creative types are notoriously disorganised and ill-disciplined, for example. But making a living in the creative arts still requires discipline in sorting out invoices, tax payments, expenses, and a whole host of what creative types might see as little more than tedium.

What they need (though the benefit is far from exclusive to them) is a quick and entertaining way of capturing business expenses the moment the spending is done. And that’s when a picture becomes worth 1,000 words; 1,000 words of wasted breath trying to explain to your accountant that you know you spent £45 last Tuesday, unless it was £54 on Thursday, and you can’t find the receipt but please could they include it in your accounts anyway. Accountants may be good, but they can’t work miracles…

Free-to-download app
Money Management AppHow much simpler would it be if you had the receipt? With the free-to-download money management app you could have had it, because the app has a brilliantly simple feature that allows you to photograph the receipt the moment the money has changed hands. Once captured with a flick of the thumb, Boom! You’re in a position to file it with all the rest of your spending. For a tiny monthly fee, you can unlock extra features, like the one that allows you to send directly to your accountant all the detail that Solo Expenses has captured over the course of a week, a month, a quarter or a project. It’s all there in, well, better than black and white, because it’s all there in colour, faithfully recorded to the last penny.

As versatile as you want to make it
Solo Expenses is so versatile it can support anyone in any walk of life, so long as they spend money – and that applies to everyone. If you’re a creative type, you’ll find it will help to clear your mind of all the clutter that stops you being at your creative best. If you’re not creative, then by using this app, you’ll be freeing up more time to doing the things that matter most. In business, that might be your customers or your processes; if you’re an individual, it might be more leisure time that you could spend with someone special, on a walk in the country, or just with a slice of cake beside the fire. I hope that does put you in the picture. And, like Solo Expenses, it’s taken less than 1,000 words…

Picture: Stokkete | Dreamstime