App of the month – New card trick in the world of money management apps

Whilst Pokémon Go is busy taking the world by storm, a newcomer to the world of money management apps is moving onto the stage in a much stealthier way. It’s a kind of card trick, because it allows all of your cards to morph into one, and harks back to the marking tag of one of the earliest credit and debit cards ‘Access’, which described itself as ‘your flexible friend’.

 Anyone searching for the ‘hottest new app’ at the moment would undoubtedly find Pokémon Go close to the top of the list. It’s taken the world by storm, and it seems nearly everyone is talking about it if not playing it.

However, it’s not the only app worth mentioning. Money management apps don’t steal the spotlight, they work quietly in the background, getting the job done. They’re invaluable for the business owner and, because of this more than qualified for app of the month. At Solo Expenses our top pick this month is The Curve Card.

Curve is an independent start-up which last year launched their ‘Curve Card’ as a new way to spend. Their goal was to solve the problem of money management when there’s too much choice when it comes to finances. The aim wasn’t to create a new bank, but rather to offer a platform that combines all your debit and credit cards into one, meaning the Curve Card is the only card you’ll ever need to have with you. The Curve Card can be used as a versatile tool for accessing both a business and personal account at home or abroad. As such is would work as a perfect partner for Solo Expenses, since both could co-exist happily in your Smartphone.

Like Solo Expenses expense manager app, Curve was built for ‘entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners’ enabling them to control their money and spending from one place.

Curve is a single card that becomes any of your other cards at the touch of a button. By uploading and storing your cards onto Curve, the app will allow you to use a business account if a lunch becomes a meeting or any other account if that meeting became nothing more than lunch.

One of the Curve card’s most significant features is the way it processes and records transactions. Spending is displayed all in one place, so you know how much has come out of each account. In addition to this, all transactions, even withdrawals are recharged as a purchase to whatever card you selected. This very clever feature means that you can also be earning points, or cash-back, whenever you use a specific card.

Curve offers bank-level encryption and added layers of security, your card numbers are never revealed to any merchant, so your money is at no greater risk. Vigilance and sensibility is paramount when controlling your money, especially from a mobile device, (but this isn’t anything you don’t already know). Apps like Curve and Solo Expenses can help with both money management and security.

When abroad Curve can save you on expensive bank charges by applying the MasterCard’s Wholesale rate – with 1% exchange rate. What’s more, the Curve app gives you a clear view of both your business and personal spending in any country you visit, showing the currency of your choice, for your peace of mind.

The Curve Card does come with a price tag, a one off payment of £35 for the Curve Blue. However the £35 one-off fee is offset with a £10 sign-up credit when you refer a friend. Compare that with entry level free download of Solo Expenses Personal Use for a specialist expense management tool

Curve and Solo Expenses
An app like Curve has been targeted specifically for the self-employed, and is a great tool for keeping you up to date on your spending. However, if you need expense management at a greater level of sophistication, then Solo Expenses is the more powerful tool, offering varying levels with features pertinent to businesses of a number of orders of magnitude. By keeping track of expenditure as well as safeguard expense policy, Solo Expenses can save money by eliminating unnecessary spending and time wasted in processing claims.

Solo Expenses was originally built for the small business owner and sole trader. The entry level product is perfect for personal use (it’s free as well, of course), but with a small investment of £2.49 per user per month you can unlock the Business Owner plan, where expense reports can be sent from your mobile device straight to the accountant hassle free. For bigger business needs the SME’s plan is available, where 20 to 100 employees can be registered, enabling them to claim for expenses anywhere at any time, but always complying with the policies you choose for your business. And the most sophisticated offering, Expense on Demand, has the power and functionality required by corporate organisations employing thousands.