App of the month: it’s closer than you think

No business owner has far to look in the hunt for the perfect app to help company productivity. Without fail, it’s under their nose – and if it isn’t, it certainly ought to be.

That’s because the best app is a company’s own, for any number of reasons. For those in the business of developing apps, it’s their bread and butter. For those that aren’t, it’s the route to their bread and butter because that’s the way people do business these days, with the flick of a thumb over a smartphone screen. And that’s why, whichever group your business is in, you should see your app as the goose with the power to lay golden eggs.

Here are six of the best reasons why, as far as non-app developers are concerned (because developers are alive to this stuff already)

  1. Connect with customers. Make promotions live, take orders, confirm bookings. It’s all there, in real time, to make doing business instant – because that’s what people expect today.
  2. Expand your customer base. With an app you can collect data and keep in touch with the kind of customers who want to do business with you (but make sure you work with the data in a way that’s inside the law; it can be a tricky area)
  3. Make an impression. A good app that’s intuitive to use tells people your in a good company to do business with, because it cares about them. Quality guru Tom Peters once said that dirty tables on aircraft suggested that the airline’s engine maintenance was sloppy too. Today the same’s true about your app.
  4. You’ll get better financial returns. Creating an app doesn’t need to be expensive, but think of all the extra customers you can reach – who will stay customers, hopefully, for ever. The app will therefore pay for itself many times over.
  5. You can have real time, accurate information. Apps have the power to tell you what’s happening in your business. Not ‘finger in the air’ gut feeling assessments, but accurate figures which give you the power to make better business decisions.
  6. It’s a superb vehicle for marketing. A properly-constructed app is the best marketing tool you can have (apart from the superb quality of your products, of course). Having a tech-savvy someone at your side will make sure you get the best from the tech solution you develop, and reinforce the position of your company in your chosen marketplace.

Picture: Flynt| DReamstime