App of the month: Blogger focus turns to India

Like a medium at a séance, bloggers are all too often forced to ask the question: “Is anybody there?” It’s a question Google has not only asked many times, but has come up with a way of answering – and it’s ready to share…

OK, we all understand what we don’t understand, that Google has ways of finding out what we’re doing, when, and who with, and all sorts of other stuff. But their latest app, Blog Compass, appears to be changing all that.

That’s because it is interrogating the web to analyse a raft of things useful to bloggers, offering a steer about what to write, and a way, more importantly, to see who’s reading what.

We have to hold our hands up and acknowledge that although Blog Compass is this month’s app of the month, it is still in Beta testing, and has been released in India. That said, it holds the promise of being a versatile tool in the blogger’s armoury.

It seems easy to use, and is compatible with Blogger and WordPress, which is useful. On the other hand, a downside is that just now it’s available for Android only.

So, what does it do?
It’s a focus thing, and it works in three ways. Firstly, Blog Compass looks at what a blogger has written, and suggests topics, based on what’s trending, to inspire posts related to areas of the blogger’s interests.

Secondly, it analyses the reach of a post by, for example, recording the number of views.

And finally, it offers a series of tutorials to find out how to make the carefully-crafted post even more, well, carefully crafted to get it in front of readers, and transform the writer from a blogging wannabe to a social media influencer.

What do people think?
Reviews of the product are so far mixed. In general, it seems that those with an opinion are keen on it (and in its ease of use and functionality it certainly seems to be), but that lack of an iOS option is a big ‘ouch’ for many.

But hey, the product is still at the Beta test stage, and it’s unreasonable to offer all-singing and all-dancing versions instantly, even if that is the kind of world we live in. No doubt that will change in the fullness of time – but be careful what you wish for. Right now, Blog Compass is a free app; that may change, too…

Why we like it
It’s the fact that India was chosen as the place to reveal Blog Compass to the world that appeals to ExpenseOnDemand. That indicates the continuing rise of the country as the place that’s going places when it comes to technology. We thought that too, which is why we partnered with Yes Bank when we wanted to offer clients the benefits of our BHIM UPI to make our online expense management software for business even more effective. It’s always good to have third party approval of anything you do, from blogging to banking!