8 Tools to Help Grow Your Business

8 Tools to Help Grow Your Business

Growing a small or medium-sized business is no easy feat. Thankfully, there are plenty of online tools to help streamline some of the most cumbersome tasks. An expense management app like ExpenseOnDemand is a great way to simplify expense reporting, and there are plenty of other processes that can be simplified, too. Here are some more tools that can help your business maximize its potential.

G Suite

Google offers professional, web-based tools for email, calendar, office, collaboration, analytics, and more, all for a low cost. Each service will be branded with your company’s logo and backed by Google’s robust system. Best of all, their tools are easy to use, don’t require extra training, and won’t crash or generate annoying error codes like some other business apps.

Link: http://gsuite.google.com/



Dropbox makes it easy for your entire team to store and share files, all in one convenient place. It makes little difference whether your employees are working in the office, or remotely, when you have DropBox as your central hub.

Link: http://www.dropbox.com/



Every business needs a website. If you have a small team and lack a web developer, Squarespace makes it easy to create an impressive, professional looking website affordably, without a lot of technical expertise. WordPress.com is another easy option, although it doesn’t offer as much customization. If you have a team to maintain your site, you may wish to self-host it and use the free WordPress software, which is likely familiar to your content creators.

Link: http://wordpress.com/ or http://www.squarespace.com/



Good project management software is essential for keeping your team on track. Trello is an organizational tool that uses the metaphor of a board covered with index cards. It allows teams to communicate, collaborate, delegate tasks, add due dates to items, check off to-do lists, and see at a glance which tasks still need to be completed. Trello’s layout is particularly nice for those who are visually inclined.

Link: http://trello.com/



A team is nothing without communication. If your team is scattered far and wide, or you simply have some long-distance clients, Skype makes it easy to conduct video conferences, send files, and exchange short messages, all for free. If you need more than the basics, they offer more advanced features, like screen sharing, for a low monthly rate.

Link: http://www.skype.com/en/



Does your company make sales while on-the-go? Customers love convenience, so be sure to accept credit card payments. Square is a free credit card reader that connects to your smartphone. Payments are quick and easy, and you won’t have to handle cash. Square charges a flat-rate percentage of every sale, so it’s easy to keep track of the fees.

Link: http://squareup.com/ca



An active social media presence is essential for every business. Save time with Hootsuite, an app that displays all of your social media content in one convenient dashboard. Manage all of your profiles across various social networks, schedule posts in advance, and measure the results with their custom analytics.

Link: http://hootsuite.com/#



LinkedIn has grown dramatically in recent years. If you aren’t taking full advantage of it and the millions of professionals it connects you to, you’re missing out. LinkedIn can help your business by connecting you to potential clients and investors, streamlining your recruitment process, and delivering highly targeted ads. If you are looking to develop the skills of your team members, LinkedIn Learning provides a simple and effective training platform for all sorts of new skills.

Link: http://www.linkedin.com/