8 time management tips for managers

Reality TV stepped into the boardroom with the arrival, on both sides of the Atlantic, of The Apprentice – though it all went a bit quiet after Donald Trump got involved with the Presidency. But how has the reality TV show (even if you accept it wasn’t very real) change expense management? Here’s how…

TV’s ‘The Apprentice’ was always billed as the toughest job interview. It was certainly the longest, and produced some entertaining television.

At ExpenseOnDemand we’ve taken that example and gone into the film business ourselves, telling our story in a series of YouTube clips. We’ve created bite-sized morsels of a common sense approach to business that we hope will help you to streamline your expense management by streaming our video.

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And then we’ve gone a step further, by allowing you to interview us. How does that work, we hear you ask? It’s simple, really. We’re offering a 14-day free trial of our app for SMEs; a chance to immerse yourself in our product to find out how easy it is to use, and how it could benefit your business. You could start at this very moment, by clicking on this link to explore the features of our software, which will help you to realise that there’s more to be gained from an expense management app than meets the eye.

Our tip: keep it simple
Call it a management tip, if you like. There are eight time management ones in this short YouTube animation, and they’re really simple. See, that’s often the problem in business. People get so wrapped up in detail that complex processes develop. Maybe they look good on a PowerPoint presentation, or sound good in front of the boss. The trouble is, neither of those things are the real reason to be involved in the task. And whilst they might work for you for a short while, the real objective – of having a business process that’s clean, efficient, and easy to use – might be lost.

It’s always worth remembering that ‘simple’ and ‘best’ are very often the same thing, and that’s especially true of the world of instant gratification we live in today. Today’s reality of ‘Order by midnight and have it delivered tomorrow’ would once have been no more than a pipe dream, but it’s what we’ve come to expect.

How we keep it simple
We’ve extended that to our expense manager app. For a start, it’s never been easier for new users in SMEs to sign up for our service. Just a couple of clicks in answer to simple questions will direct you to the right version for your situation, and after that you’re in and operational.

Another way we’ve built in the simplicity is the way we record data. For instance, when you record a spend its possible to set up the software so it puts it into the right category for your accountant, or does the necessary tax calculation, or both. What’s more, it also works in whatever currency you need it to work in, wherever you are in the world, effortlessly undertaking the conversion.

Customers in almost 100 countries rely on our simple expense management app. It makes their life simpler, and soaks up less time in getting the job done. Perhaps today’s the day you should join them. Remember, with our free trial, you have nothing to lose but a burden. And who wouldn’t like to lose one of them?