8 Give away signs that you’re a modern leader

My Dad once told me: “A good leader isn’t the best at any particular job, but they’re the one who gets the best out of those they work with.” As a young leader myself, I’m always trying to do better, writes guest blogger Jamie Mitchell…

Writing this blog post has been a revealing experience for me. Listing the qualities of a modern leader allows a fair amount of self-evaluation. Take a look and see if you see the qualities of a modern leader in yourself:

1. Assertiveness
You act rather than react. Assertive leaders have a proactive work ethic and the drive to match. You go with your gut! Be brave enough to stick with your decisions, because doing what you know is right will inspire others to follow suit. You stick to your guns! Have the conviction to see your goals through to the end, because persisting until you reach your objective will establish your credibility and motivate your team to do the same.

2. Communication
You communicate well with your team keeping them on track and up to date. You openly share ideas and information, welcoming feedback. By doing this you gain a greater understanding of the team dynamic, recognising the strengths of those you work with. With this appreciation comes the capacity to learn. You are aware that some ideas will be better than your own and do everything you can to promote them. As a leader you should never stop learning.

3. Collaboration
You know the strengths in your team and work with them to utilise their talents. You’re not there to micro-manage, but to support and encourage your team to succeed. By instigating the collaboration of ideas, knowledge and experience you can sync the team to work towards a collective target.

4. Encouragement
You recognise that positive feedback doesn’t always have to come in a formal capacity. You express appreciation in everyday situations, publicly acknowledging dedication and praising achievements. Building confidence in you and boosting self-esteem. Those who have their accomplishments acknowledged will know they’re headed in the right direction and likely pass on the positive feedback to others. You know that kindness doesn’t show weakness; it opens doors and creates a respectful working environment. You help them flourish.

5. Empathy
You centre yourself within the team and can relate to each member. Those who can empathise with the needs of their team will be both informed and respectful of the stresses and responsibilities of each individual. Your encouragement of feedback informs you who is in most need of support, finding the root of any issues before they become bigger problems. You have your ear to the ground, so you’re not left to fight fires as they arise.

6. Humility
Humility is key to building trust and respect. By being consistently true to your word you earn the respect of your team. Modern leaders use influence over authority. You build this by encouraging contribution and listening to advice. You invest in others, encouraging the talents that some may not know they possess. A humble leader is a trusted resource acting in the best interests of the team, always sharing the credit of a completed task. The success of the team is the real measure of a modern leader’s achievement.

Leadership Qualities7. Ability to see the bigger picture
Your team knows that their contributions as a whole are supporting a collective agenda. That’s because a modern leader takes the time to explain how every assignment progresses towards a shared goal. You can see how every small aspect fits into place and plays its part. Small innovations and ideas all impact the success of an enterprise. Acknowledging each person’s contribution will inspire and keep you informed of strengths to be nurtured and weaknesses to be coached.

8. Leading by example
You hold yourself to the same standards that you expect from others. Being accountable for your actions and owning your choices will prompt your team to follow suit. Want to encourage everyone to ‘think cost’  as a route to efficient money management? Make a smart decision and utilise the tools available, like an expense management appSolo Expenses allows you to keep track of both your personal and business expenditure. Plus its entry-level functionality is free, allowing you to instantly use the features of the app and upgrade when necessary. Solo Expenses will allow you to see what’s costing you too much. Not only will it show your team you’re good at expense management, but it presents you with the opportunity to show that by being careful with money, you’re working hard at protecting their jobs…