7 Tips To Use When Packing For Business Trips

Business trips can either be an exciting break from your usual routine or a few chaotic days that you would rather pass up. No matter which category you fall into, packing is usually a dreaded task in trying to figure out not only what you’ll need, but how to pack it as well. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you save space, time, and make sure you have all the necessities.

1.Bring the right bagshutterstock_512544019 (1)Whether you’re opting for carry-on or checked baggage, making sure you have the most appropriate bag will save you time, stress and money. If you’re checking your bag, make sure that it is the dimensions set out by the airline, and that it is as light as possible to avoid overweight charges. For carry-ons, make sure you fit within the size restrictions, but opt for a versatile bag that will allow you to organize your items in an accessible way.

2.Avoid checking your bagsshutterstock_558559465 (1)Choosing to bring only carry-on baggage has many benefits. Not only will you prevent overpacking and focus on just your essentials, but it will also save you checked baggage fees. By keeping your baggage with you, you will also avoid waiting in line for luggage retrieval and out rule the unfortunate possibility of lost baggage.

3.Black is the new blackshutterstock_403412410 (1)Forego the colour pallet and stick to neutral coloured clothing, preferably black. Black, in particular, will go with anything while being versatile in any situations. It can be casual, professional, semi-formal, and sleek – it covers all your bases.

4.Wear what you canshutterstock_493290751 (1)It’s the oldest trick in the book, but by wearing your heavier or bulkier items on the flight, you’ll save space in your luggage. If you have items that are delicate, such as suits that you don’t want to wrinkle or crease, the same rule applies – wear it on the flight.

5.Always have backupshutterstock_172022693While you’ll definitely need your passport, credit cards, driver’s licenses and other pieces of ID in hard copy, ensure you have high-resolution digital copies on your phone or laptop just to be on the safe side – you never know what can happen, or how a digital version may help out.

6.Skip the papershutterstock_293116970Your business meeting may be paper intensive, but your trip doesn’t have to. Instead of lugging your reports and proposals through every leg of the trip, make sure you have the digital copies with you to review on your flight and have the hotel print them out for you upon your arrival. Not only does this save potential pounds off your luggage, but you also don’t have to worry about damaging them and having to get them reprinted anyway.

7.Be efficient with technologyshutterstock_469524332 (1)Similar to the point above, use technology to enhance organization as much as possible. This includes everything from having your documents digitized, using apps to hold credit cards and flight tickets. In addition to this, using ExpenseOnDemand’s receipt function, allows you to upload a copy of your business expenses receipts, so they are sent directly to the cloud so don’t ever have to worry about keeping track of the paper versions.

The best way to start your business trip off on the right foot is to pack efficiently. Ensuring you have the proper luggage and items, bringing along digital documents, and keeping all essential information stored on your smartphone will save you time and money.