The 6 best things about best apps for budgeting money

Who would have thought that a fifty-year-old song would teach us about the best app for managing money? But it’s there; a great lesson in an iconic song written by Joni Mitchell. Is it iconic? You bet. Tune into any local radio station for the next couple of days, and you’ll probably hear it. When you do, think about how you could change your spending habits for the better by using the best app to manage money; that’s all we’re saying…

It was back in 1970 that Joni Mitchell wrote Big Yellow Taxi, with a stack of memorable lines including ‘you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone’.

She was inspired to write the song by the view from a Hawaii hotel window, which had lush green vegetation in the distance, and a smooth grey car park just outside the window, which, Mitchell guessed, used to have a covering of lush vegetation too.

The question for her was clearly which was the better option.  The song says it was the trees.

Now fast forward to today, and look around you at all the stuff you own. Do you need it all? Probably not. When you bought it, did you really need it, or was it just about ‘wanting’? It’s like the antique dealer said when someone told him a 100-year-old chair was too expensive: “You tell me a 100-year-old chair is too expensive, standing there in your £150 trainers that will be in the bin in under six months?”

Put like that, there’s a different spin on what you need. Today stuff comes from money, and having money comes from being careful with it, so here are the six best things about having the best app for budgeting.

1. More money. Let’s cut to the chase. This is about money, and having more of it. Think outside the box; if you’re more careful with what you spend, it’ll feel like you have more money because you’re wasting less. Buy some other trainers, or look after the £150 pair; make ‘em last just a little longer. Same goes for all your stuff. IT’s cheaper in the long run.

2. Control. Money doesn’t have to run through your fingers like dry sand. Knowing what you’re spending at all times will allow you to control the flow, and maybe even turn it in your favour once in a while. The best apps for budgeting money will give you that control – so long as you’re diligent about using them.

3. Instant access. Thanks to smartphone technology, an app is with you all the time. That means there’s no excuse for not recording what you spend (unless, of course, you’re lying to yourself about the fifth skinny vanilla spice latte you’ve had this week, and the two t-shirts you bought on the way home yesterday. Even the very best apps for budgeting money can’t work without data, so no cheating!)

4. Easy to use. Really, really easy. The flick of a thumb and a few taps of the screen will record all your spending. And when you put it into once into place, the numbers can be eye-watering. (Is that what five skinny vanilla spice lattes cost?  One a day, five days a week for a month, is pushing £80 a month. To have that much to spend, you’ll need to earn about £100. There’s no excuse not to record that kind of expense.)

5. Accurate. We’re still with the honesty thing here. The apps are computers; they do numbers extremely well, and sort them into easy-to-follow lists that you’d never do with pen and paper. Be honest with yourself, and the best apps for budgeting money will turn you into a budgeting ninja; lie to yourself, well, where’s your self-respect?

6. Now. The latest tech is cool stuff to have. Very ‘Now’. And you can have Solo Expenses to manage your personal money for absolutely nothing. Free. Really. And when you’ve used it to save yourself enough money to buy something really cool, how good will you feel then?

(Incidentally, feast your eyes on the big yellow taxi in our picture. It’s a Crown Victoria, and it’s in New York, Except it isn’t, any more. Go to the Big Apple today and you’ll find that the taxis are hybrid and Japanese. That’s something else you didn’t realise you had until it was gone…)


Picture: Jorg Hackemann | Dreamstime