5 Tips for Business Travellers

If you travel for business, you know what a pain it can be. Airport security, jet lag, and greasy food could make just about anyone feel ill. While ExpenseOnDemand makes it easy to report your business expenses on-the-go, other tiresome tasks can be mitigated with a little extra preparation. Below are five ways to make business travel a bit easier.

1.Make a List

This may sound painfully obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and realising that you’ve forgotten to pack your medication or other important items. Write a travel checklist and refer to it each and every time you pack for a trip.

Make a List

2.Take Care of Yourself

It’s hard to perform any job well when you feel like death. Following these suggestions can mean the difference between arriving at the hotel feeling rested or rotten.

  • Stay hydrated. Dehydration can make you tired, dizzy, and give you a headache. Your brain can’t function without water, so carry a water bottle with you. Be sure to avoid alcohol.
  • Carry some energy bars. Protein will stick with you longer than carbs will, so these make for a satisfying and convenient snack when you don’t have time to eat right. Just don’t forget to have a real meal when you can.
  • Keep your hands clean. Aeroplanes are notorious germ-incubators. Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer, be sure to wipe down your seat tray, and wash your hands whenever you can. You don’t want to end your trip by catching the flu.
  • Sitting in aeroplanes, taxis, and hotel rooms can leave you feeling stiff and store. Be sure to go for a walk to keep yourself alert and limber.

Take Care of Yourself

3.Use Restaurant Apps

At some point during your travels, you’re bound to feel like you’re starving. When this happens, you’re in danger of making some rash decisions in choosing a restaurant. Smartphone apps like Yelp or TripAdvisor can help you navigate through the fast food and greasy spoons toward something that will make you feel better, not worse. They can also tell you what’s currently open and help you find little gems that you might have otherwise missed.

Use A Food App

4.Carry-ons Only

Airlines keep raising baggage fees and increasing restrictions. Meanwhile, nobody wants to have to worry about their suitcase getting lost in transit. Best case scenario, you’ll find your bag after standing at the baggage carousel for half an hour. It’s better to skip all the hassle and fit everything into a carry-on suitcase. It’s admittedly not a practical solution for long trips, but if you’re just going for a few days, it’s worth the trade-off. Remember that most airlines allow one carry-on suitcase and one personal bag, which can be used to store more items.

Extra tip: If you need to bring checked luggage, at least be sure to carry a spare change of clothes in your carry-on.

Carry On

5.Coordinate Your Clothes

If you’re travelling light, you’ll have to make some sacrifices when packing. You can get the most out of a limited wardrobe by sticking to neutral colours. Dark colours are especially practical because they’re less likely to show stains. If you don’t fancy dressing head-to-toe in black, at least make sure nothing clashes. If all of your clothes match, you’ll be able to combine items as needed.

Plan Your Packing

Happy travels!