5 Things the Most Successful Retail Managers Do

Retail is often a sink-or-swim industry and needs strong managers create a successful store. However, the most successful managers realize that a successful store rides on the back of a strong, efficient team. The role of managers is to build and curate that team and provide them with leadership examples and other tools to achieve their personal success.

1.Prioritize Customer Service


Retail relies on customers, and successful floor managers will prioritize their service above all else to ensure a great customer experience. In turn, this builds personal relationships with customers and ensures they return. Successful retail managers don’t just rely on their employees to provide outstanding service but interact with the customers themselves to assure them that every level of the company is prioritizing their experience.

2.Lead by Example


The best retail floor managers do not just follow the top-down leadership mentality; they integrate the team as well. While overseeing all tasks, they do not dictate who does what, but consistently offer to jump in where needed, especially when their employees are overwhelmed or can use an extra set of hands. Doing tasks normally assigned to your employees shows them that you do not see yourself above them, but as one of them, which builds relationships and confidence in your store. It also boosts the morale of the entire team by seeing the effort that you put into getting involved with the day to day tasks.

3.Delegate Responsibilities

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Effective delegating is not just handing off tasks that you don’t want to do; it’s strategically choosing responsibilities that will help your employees grow. In delegating, you are building your team’s skill set and competencies, while simultaneously freeing up your availability to take on more tasks that will help improve your store.

4.Always Be Organized and Collected


Retail is a fast-paced environment, and organizational skills are imperative. The best retail managers have an organizational system in place for what they can routinely count on, such as tracking receipts and expenses. This makes one less thing to worry about when everything else seems to be changing all at once, such as customer satisfaction or product issues.

5.Have Excellent Communication


Retail managers become successful because they have established great communication among their team. Effective communication includes an ‘open-door’ policy where employees can express concerns and desires honestly but also keeping your team in the loop. One of the best ways to develop a successful team is to keep them involved in company concerns and achievements that extend past their immediate role. Using Solo Expenses’ feature of displaying your financial overview in a pie chart is a great way to help your team understand the financial breakdown of your store.

The most successful retail managers attained success by creating and encouraging a solid and tenacious team through leading by example. They do not place themselves on a pedestal, but rather immerse themselves in every aspect of the store, and become part of the team while maintaining a role-model image.