45 Seconds & 5 Steps To Avoid £10 million of bad PR

Dear Mr Farage:Politician are not honest. It’s in their DNA. However, you can ensure that they do not inflate their expenses and cause UKIP £10 million worth of PR fiasco.
Here are 5 steps to avoid this:

Mr-Farage-pic-2-169x3001. Ask your colleagues to go to Solo Expenses (www.soloexpenses.com) and download the app on their I-Phone or Android phone.
2. Enter e-mail as login details and password.
3. Follow the simple 15 seconds instruction about how to use the app.
4. Invite their Accountant
5. Photograph receipt, to avoid inflation, and just Save. In 45 seconds, your colleague would have captured their first expense, and upon SAVE, it would go to the accountant, who will ensure that the correct amount, not the inflated amount, is accepted. Thereafter, the effort will take just 10 seconds – to ensure honesty!

The app, as a special favour to the political classes, is free until end of June. Thereafter, by paying £2 per month, you can ensure that UKIP’s reputation is never sullied by a wayward colleague.


Mr-Farage-pic-4jpg-170x300If after 2 months, you believe that these basic controls are not working, you can, for an extra pound upgrade to the advanced version, where for example, entertainment / restaurant expenses come to you for approval, especially when they breach your expense policy.

Therefore, with just a £3 investment per month per user in the Solo Expenses mobile application (www.soloexpenses.com), you can ensure that you never face a £10 million PR embarrassment for expense inflation !


Sunil Nigam