4 Technology Tips to Cut Warehouse Costs

Warehouse operations can easily become cumbersome and chaotic with the myriad of tasks and personnel on site. With so many moving parts and lost time due to error and transportation within the facility, there are some technological solutions that can help you save both time and money in your warehouse.

1.Barcode Systemsshutterstock_532483543Using a barcode system will not only cut costs in reduced error but also will save your employees’ time. Barcodes can save you time and money in every area of the warehouse. This can be seen in the increase of your inbound cases per hour in receiving, the better traceability throughout the order filling process and the more streamlined and accurate billing on the shipping dock. Implementing a barcode system is essential to warehouse operations.

2.Automated Labour Schedulingshutterstock_407475460

Labour costs are usually your largest expense. Penciled in schedules can result in unneeded labor overlaps as well as unnoticed overtime accumulations. Using a labour management and scheduling software will help keep costs low and manageable, as well as reduce management’s stress levels by taking a very large time-consuming task off their plate.

3.Energy Saversshutterstock_477755416 (1)There are a significant number of easy but effective ways to cut your overhead costs on energy. Painting your walls white if they aren’t already, as well as installing windows, will improve the natural light in your warehouse that will also increase productivity in your workers. Switching out your current bulbs for energy efficient bulbs will reduce your electricity bill. You can reduce it even further by installing a timer and sensor systems, so you’re not wasting energy and money when no one is around.

4.Mileage Tracking

shutterstock_568402705Shipping, deliveries and moving stock between warehouses can change in a short amount of time. To stay on top of your mileage and VAT expenses, use ExpenseOnDemand to automatically keep track of expenses you may encounter on the job, so you won’t ever have to worry about knowing where your money is going. The cloud-based app will make it automatically accessible to your accountant.

Installations such as barcode systems and lighting sensors may seem like an unappealing upfront cost, but they will cut down your labour and overhead costs each month. In a busy facility with so many variables, automating tasks as much as possible, such as tracking mileage (with GPS) and scheduling, will help your operations run noticeably smoother.