4 Easy Tips To Sell More Cars

The sales industry is inherently up and down. Experiencing months of overwhelming business followed by an immediate dry spell can make sales a challenge. Since the automotive industry is selling big-ticket items, it makes it a high-risk, high-reward job. To thrive through your peak season, and boost your sales through the down months, here are some tips to ensure you sell more cars.

1.Listen more than you talk shutterstock_331095449Customers need to feel important and trust that their needs are being heard. By talking less and listening intently to what they are saying will not only help you find a more accurate fit for them, but they will also trust you more and believe that you truly have their best interest in mind.

2.Make it about them, not youshutterstock_440042065When you have a sales quota hovering above you, it’s easy to want to sell a car without taking the time to build a trustworthy relationship with the customer, but as aforementioned, the customer is already susceptible to this. To ensure you make the sale, forget your agenda and make theirs your own. Putting yourself in their shoes, and writing down their checklist of needs and what they’re looking for, will help you truly find the right car for them. The customer is concerned with price, year, warranty and features, and the best way to instill their trust is to take them around the dealership as if you were shopping for yourself based on the same merits that they share.

3.Treat browsers as prospects, not time wasters shutterstock_440041957Customers who walk in and make a sale on the spot are preferred, but never undervalue those who are browsing. With these big ticket items, people want to be sure that the vehicle is the right choice for them and that it’s what they want for the next few years. Follow up with them after they leave your lot, but be careful not to harass them. Connect with them in a casual way, demonstrating your authentic concern for their interests and not only for the commission that you made on the sale. They will remember your authenticity and appreciate the breathing room and will repay you in more than the commission by also providing customer loyalty.

4.Make the most of the test driveshutterstock_442582096Encourage your clients to experience their prospective car by stretching the test drive further than around the block. Take them out for a quick lunch to better understand your client and build rapport. Having them interact with the car in a more personal way, such as coming back to it after lunch, will help the client better identify with it, and envision it as their own.

The best way to ensure your car sales is to identify with your clients and their needs. Being authentic and serving the customer rather than your quota will always get you that much closer to closing the deal. The customer will be more impressed with your persona and authenticity than anything else, and taking them out for a complimentary lunch or coffee break is a great way to show them that they are more than just a potential commission. ExpenseOnDemand makes it easy to track these expenses and automatically send them back to your employer by simply taking a photo of your receipt and uploading it directly in the app.