10 reasons to love Solo Expenses

Finances out of control? Always too much month left at the end of your money? Don’t know how to bring things back on track? You need Solo Expenses, the only money management app created with the sole trader in mind – but here’s the clever part: It’s so versatile it can work for any individual, trader or not. And what’s more, it’s free for personal users. Check out our ten reasons for you to get started with it today.

1. It’s free. No, really. Zilch. Zero. Nothing. That’s how much it costs a personal user to get started with Solo Expenses. No hidden charges, no charges coming up later to hit you when you least expect it. Why would we make it free? Because we believe in our product, and we know it can change people’s lives for the better. How can we afford to give it away? Because we have clients in 92 countries who run businesses that rely on our software, and they’re happy to pay because of the month-on-month savings they couldn’t make without us, and because it makes their lives simpler.

2. It’s convenient. Solo Expenses lives on your phone, so it’s always at the ready when you spend anything. That means you never forget anything you’ve spent, so you can see how much money’s in your account ever day – which will tell you if you can afford that treat you had in mind or if it ought to wait until next month. (Always assuming that you record all your spending; Solo Expenses is an effective expense manager app, but it can only record what you tell it to record!)

3. It’s accurate – as long as you are. It will remember what you’ve spent so that you don’t have to, so long as you record all the information. It’s good at expense management, but it’s not telepathic.

4. It’s versatile. The way you record spending is novel. You can use the keypad, of course, but you can photograph receipts too. (And if you choose to upgrade to the ‘Silver plan’ option for just £2.49 a month, you can record them with a voice memo too)

5. It has instant recall. The information you load up can be recalled as a whole or by individual categories at a time to suit you up to 90 days after you’ve spent the cash. In the departure lounge, standing at a bus stop. Or during a TV programme that you didn’t want to watch anyway. Dare we say you could even check your spending during a meeting or a lecture?

6. It’s international. Going on a foreign holiday? No problem! Solo Expenses can help you to be a better expense manager in other countries too. Just select the currency you’re spending to record your expenses in it. And it works in multiple languages as well. How clever is that?

7. It allows you to earn. One you have found out how good Solo Expenses really is, you’ll probably want to tell your friends.  No problem! If they subscribe, will pay you commission. And if their friends subscribe, we promise to pay you commission on their subscriptions too, up to the fabled ‘six degrees of separation’.

8. It can improve your diet. No, it really can! One of our users recorded what he spent on take-away food over a month, and the total shocked him. As a result he stayed away from take-away, cutting his costs and improving his diet, all because he could see in one place just what he was spending. Wow!

9. It’s student-friendly. Perhaps this is one for parents worried about youngsters going off to University or College for the first time. Traditionally and famously short of funds, students can stretch out their meagre resources more effectively if they can see what they’re spending, and how much money is left. It offers each student a valuable life lesson as an expense manager, and offers peace of mind for mums and dads too.

10. It’s the only one with the Ollie factor. Ollie Banks is a character we’ve developed as part of our marketing strategy. He, his wife Lizzie and their two children Alice and Jack control their personal and business finances using Solo Expenses, because, like you, they don’t have the time to do it the old-fashioned pen and paper way. Our monthly stories about them will help you to identify with the problems they face. Perhaps you’ll see the same things in your life, and through them, how Solo Expenses could make things better for you too.

So now you’ve seen what Solo Expenses can do, now is the perfect time to try it for yourself. Remember, it’s free to download for personal use. Check out its expense management features and get the app here.