10 Packing Hacks For Your Next Business Trip

Trying to fit everything you may need into your bag while also trying to keep it organized and wrinkle free is one of the more unpleasant parts of any business trip. Whether you have an iron available to you or not, it’s still always better to have your clothing fresh and ready to go at a moments notice.Try out some of these packing hacks and see how much smoother your next business trip goes.

1.Roll your belts in your shirt collarsshutterstock_463919180 (1)Rolling a belt and placing it inside the collar of your dress shirts will prevent them from losing their shape or getting wrinkled.

2.Stuff your socks into your shoesshutterstock_40686796Putting your socks in your shoes not only maximizes space but will also help your shoes keep their shape.

3.Place your shoes inside a shower capShower CapThis will prevent your shoes from getting the rest of your clothes dirty. Simply turn the shower cap inside out when you use it to take a shower.

4.Rolling and folding clothesRolling ClothesRoll your softer fabrics such as t-shirts and underwear as they do not wrinkle as easily. Fold your stiffer clothing items such as denim, skirts, blazers, dress pants and dress shirts which do wrinkle easily.

5.Fold your blazers inside outBlazerFolding your blazers inside out will prevent wrinkling on the outside and keep you looking fresh and ready to go for your next meeting or event.

6.Convert your hair iron into a clothing ironCurling IronTo get out any wrinkles that may have occurred, heat up a hair straightener and gently glide it over the wrinkled areas.

7.Convert old sunglasses cases into electronic cases
Sunglasses Case
Keep your phone chargers, headphones, USB sticks, memory cards and any other small or miscellaneous tech objects organized and together in an old sunglasses case.

8.Put cotton balls in your makeup casesCotton BallsPlacing cotton balls or makeup pads over compact powders such as foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and contouring kits will prevent your makeup from breaking in transit.

9.Convert pill organizers into jewelry organizersPill BoxPlace jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets into separate units of a pill organizer to prevent them from getting lost and tangled up in each other.

10.String necklaces through strawsStrawStringing your necklace through a straw will not only keep it from getting tangled with itself, but it will also keep it untangled from other objects in your travel bag.

Being innovative with what you have is an excellent way to keep your items organized and fresh on business trips.